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Making It Simple, But Significant: How To Design An Impactful Research Presentation
February 17th, 2021

We pleased to invite you to attend this interactive workshop to learn more about designing an engaging research presentation and preparing for participation in the CREATE ME2 Three Minute Thesis Competition.
As a CREATE ME2 trainee, you are encouraged to participate in the CREATE ME2 Three-Minutes Thesis competition and the competition at your university (Calgary, Edmonton, Waterloo). This workshop targets graduate students (MSc & PhD) to help them develop skills in translating their research and its impact for non-specialists. The skills are becoming essential for many purposes such as https://grad.ucalgary.ca/my-gradskills/three-minute-thesis:

• Funding proposals
• Transitioning into employment
• Generating interest in, awareness of and support for academic research
• Communicating with confidence and clarity to diverse audiences

Workshop topics include:
• The importance of understanding who your audience is
• Crafting a presentation that engages your audience and highlights the impact of your research
• How to prepare for a virtual 3MT presentation
• Designing slides to frame your talk (if time permits)
Attendees will have time to apply their learning through exercises such as analysis of 3 Minute Thesis presentations and crafting an outline of their talks using the COMPASS Message Box https://www.compassscicomm.org/

The 3MT takes place each year during the winter term (check your university calendar for registration). Due to covid, some universities may not be holding a 3MT competition but may have other options for practicing your research communication skills. The CREATE ME2 competition will be held on April 27th and the top three winners will receive a prize of $350, $250, $150 respectively. More details will be sent out after the workshop.

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