Doctoral Training in Renewable Energy

We are delighted to announce that the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Calgary and NSERC CREATE ME2 are now part of The Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Renewable Energies Northeast Universities (ReNU).

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Centre for doctoral Training in Renewable Energy Northeast Universities (ReNU) is driven by industry and market needs, which indicate unprecedented growth in renewable and distributed energy to 2050. This growth is underpinned by global demand for electricity which will outstrip growth in demand for other sources by more than two to one. The distinctive remit of ReNU is focused on materials innovations for small-to-medium scale energy conversion and storage technologies that are sustainable and highly scalable.

ReNU will be delivered by Northumbria, Newcastle and Durham Universities, whose works-leading expertise and excellent links with industry in this area have been recognized by the recent award of the North East Centre for Energy Materials (NECEM).

The ReNU team has designed a compelling doctoral training program which aims to engender entrepreneurial skills which will drive UK regional and national productivity in the area of Clean Growth. A group of companies will also provide significant input to the ReNU in the form of industrial supervision, training for doctoral candidates and supervisors, and access to facilities and equipment.

CDT research will involve the science of large scale CS manufacturing (e.g. materials combinations to minimize wafer bow, new fabrication processes for non-flat surfaces); manufacturing integrated CS on Silicon and of applying the manufacturing approaches of Silicon to CS; in approaches to exploit the highly advantageous electronic, magnetic, optical and power handling properties of CSs; and in generating novel integrated functionality for sensing, data processing and communication.  

The combination of an industry-driven doctoral training program to meet identifiable market needs, strong industrial commitment through the provision of training, facilities and supervision, an established platform of research excellence in energy materials between the institutions and unique training opportunities that include internationalization and professional accreditation, creates a transformative program to drive forward UK innovation in renewable and sustainable distributed energy.

The aim of the proposed Centre for Doctoral Training is to train a body of at least 55 doctoral students to prepare them to form the next generation of highly skilled power electronics professionals by providing them with the background and knowledge to advance power electronics in the UK. For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dr. Edward (Ted) Roberts

Professor & Associate Head of Research

Materials for Electrochemical Energy Solutions (CREATE ME2) Program Director